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Holding a Candle in Comparison

Title: Holding a Candle in Comparison
Author: DawnEB
Summary: In this I make no attempt to resolve the events of HBP whatsoever. I simply offer you this failed attempt to write a little smut.
Word Count: 2,018
Chapters: 1
Link: Here

Scar Tissue

Title: Scar Tissue
Author: sunshinefanfics
Summary: Scant hours after the bloody final battle, Hermione tries to suppress the guilty urge to reaffirm that she’s alive. *Post-Hogwarts, no spoilers, complete in chapter*
Word Count: 2,379
Chapters: 1
Link: Here


Title: Drowning
Author: PlaidPooka
Summary: Written pre-HBP. Two people deal with the stresses of ongoing war in an unconventional way which might prove to be their undoing.
Word Count: 4,732
Chapters: 1
Link: Here

Soothing Hands

Title: Soothing Hands
Author: notsosaintly
Summary: A story of healing, dedication, love and the reality of war. A PWP that ran away and developed a plot.
Word Count: 39,896
Chapters: 13
Link: Here

Celebrating Victory

Title: Celebrating Victory
Author: selened
Summary: It’s one year since Voldemort fell. Severus and Hermione aren’t enjoying the party…
Word Count: 7,799
Chapters: 3
Link: Here

A Christmas Cauldron

Title: A Christmas Cauldron
Author: ladyofthemasque
Summary: How would Snape react, if he were forced to watch a certain favorite Muggle Christmas tale?
Word Count: 4,483
Chapters: 1
Link: Here

House Points

Title: House Points
Author: tatiana
Summary: Hermione decides what she wants and goes for it, but just how many school rules will she break in the process?
Word Count: 4,117
Chapters: 1
Link: Here

Man’s Best Friend

Title: Man’s Best Friend
Author: notsosaintly
Summary: No, dog is NOT man’s best friend.
Word Count: 1,873
Chapters: 1
Link: Here

Fore! Play And A Hole In One

Title: Fore! Play And A Hole In One
Author: Jade_Orchid
Summary: Severus. Hermione. Golf. Sex. Need I say more? (My response to the SASS “Learning to Drive” challenge. )
Word Count: 4,759
Chapters: 1
Link: Here

Kindness Has Its Own Rewards

Title: Kindness Has Its Own Rewards
Author: Good_Witch
Summary: Page 394 Challenge Response! Hermione is embarrassed at her 5 Year class reunion, and Snape is the unlikely person to comfort her. In an unexpected show of kindness, everything changes between them. A Porn-Without-(MUCH)Plot…
Word Count: 7,919
Chapters: 1
Link: Here